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We Only Use Taf Coffee

Taf is a coffee roaster in Greece with a presence of more than 25 years in the industry. 

Taf focuses on offering unique high quality coffees combined with unequalled education and at the same time the best available equipment for a complete customer service. 

The Coffee

The term “specialty coffee” refers to the highest-quality green coffee beans roasted to their greatest flavour potential by true craftspeople which then is brewed to well-established standards.

The definition of specialty coffee begins at the origin of coffee, the planting of a particular varietal into a particular growing region of the world. The concept of specialty also includes the care given to the plant through harvest and preparation for export.

Taf's Direct Relationship

The higher quality inside the cup is the key objective of Taf. Taf focuses on extensive research to find unique specialty coffees around the world and build direct and long-term relationships with the coffee farms and farmers in the area. 

Taf's direct relationship model provides quality control, traceability, support to coffee farmers to improve their efforts and production. Taf also cooperates with coffee farmers to create customised lots, according to specific flavour profiles.


Our Blends


Origin: Mogiana, Brazil
Altitude: 1000 m
Variety: Mundo Novo
Processing: Natural
Cup profile: sweet, milk chocolate, herbal, red fruits, creamy body


Espresso Competition

Origin: ____
Altitude: ____ m
Variety: _____
Processing: _____
Cup profile: coffee blend with a good body, aroma with pine notes, baker's chocolate with cinnamon and a taste of black chocolate

Our Sustainability Promise

The sustainability coffee program by Taf includes coffees that follow the official and authorised process in all production stages. Specifically, Taf has defined 3 criteria based on which a coffee can be assessed on: ecosystem, society, and quality. Moreover, Taf follows the UTZ Certified Coffee program — a worldwide practice for responsible coffee growing and coffee purchasing. All the people involved, from farmers to producers, follow UTZ Certified. This program advocates and calls for recognised criteria and best practices on a worldwide level for coffee growing such as appropriate social and environmental practices and efficient coffee farm management.